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Every month we would like to plug you, parents, into the best in parenting. This month, we want to introduce you to dynamic children's books that inspire and motivate children all around the world. Three authors are making a big splash in the field of parenting. We will introduce you to these excellent authors throughout the next three days and explain how their books can help you raise a little genius.

We want to tell you about author Jacqueline Crann's- The Cool Series. This dynamic author teaches us how children can be empowered by learning that sharing is cool. In today's time, it is more important than ever to teach children the beauty and power of sharing. Research shows that sharing with others at a young age can help instill a sense of empathy and responsibility in kids, improve their social skills, and even help them sleep better at night. "Sharing is the New Cool" is a book every parent must have. Let's take a look at how sharing contributes to children's development.

It might seem small when you think about the benefits of teaching children to share. After all, it’s just something they need to know in real life. It’s not like they’ll ever need to know how to factor a quadratic equation or balance their checkbook. Nowadays, with so much emphasis on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), it may not seem like a big deal to teach your child how to share. However, there are many hidden benefits of teaching kids to share that go beyond helping them be more cooperative later in life. But what exactly is sharing? And why should we encourage our kids to share their toys and belongings with others? Keep reading for more information about the benefits of teaching children to share!

It Helps Develop Self-Control

When kids share, they have to exercise patience and self-control. They have to wait while the other child plays with their toy and be okay with this situation. It can often be difficult for young children to learn to share when they’re so used to doing whatever they want. However, it’s essential to encourage them to do it anyway because these skills will help them for their entire lives. This self-control will help kids develop the ability to take the high road when someone takes their toy or otherwise makes them feel upset. They’ll be able to take a breath, think about how they want to respond, and then respond positively.

It Teaches Children Empathy

Sharing also helps kids develop empathy for others. They’ll realize that other kids also want to play with their toys, which will prompt them to let the other child use their toys. This empathy will help them be more considerate of others in general. Kids who learn to share can also see how their kindness is rewarded. When they let another child use their toy, they’ll often receive positive praise from the other parent. Positive parent feedback can help kids feel good about themselves when they share.

It Can Help Children Feel Good About Themselves

Kids may also feel good about themselves when they share. They may realize that other kids want to play with the same toys that they want to play with. This will prompt them to share their toys with the other child, which can help them see that they’re not the only ones who want to play with a particular toy. It may also make them feel good that they have something another child wants to play with. When your child shares, you can praise them for their kind act. You must reinforce the positive feelings they receive when they share. Sharing with others doesn’t just help your child feel good about themselves. It can also help them feel good about you as a parent. Your child will see you praising them for sharing, which will help them feel proud.

Let's Talk:

Sharing is an integral part of growing up. It’s not just something your child needs to do to be friends with other kids. Sharing with others is crucial to your child’s development. It helps them learn self-control, develop empathy for others, and feel good about themselves. When you encourage your child to share, you’re helping them develop all of these important skills. It’s a small thing that can significantly impact your child’s future!


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