Easy Craft

Are you in the house and don’t know what to do with the kids???

Don’t worry every month we will come out with our featured craft! Post and comment if you try this out.

1) Materials:

Loo Roll, Scissors, Paper, Pen, Sellotape

2) Cut a strip of loo roll: the armband

3) Cut a circle and draw a watch face

4) Sellotape on (you can glue it but takes a while to dry!



o let your toddler decorate the wristband and watch face:

o decorate loo roll: with feathers, fake gems, paint, pens, whatever takes your fancy (avoid glitter with this one, you will have it ALL over the house)

o instead of loo roll, cut a strip of colored card and sellotape it – good for older children with bigger wrists.

o Maybe you can be SUPER crafty and with a pin make a moving clock arm

Special thanks to: https://www.redtedart.com/ for this fun idea!