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Fun Crafts for Kids

Are you in the house and don’t know what to do with the kids???

1) Materials:

Loo Roll, Scissors, Paper, Pen, Sellotape

2) Cut a strip of loo roll: the armband

3) Cut a circle and draw a watch face

4) Sellotape on (you can glue it, but it takes a while to dry!



o let your toddler decorate the wristband and watch face:

o decorate the roll: with feathers, fake gems, paint, pens, or whatever takes your fancy (avoid glitter with this one, you will have it ALL over the house)

o roll cut a strip of colored card and tape it – suitable for older children with bigger wrists.

o Maybe you can be SUPER crafty and, with a pin, make a moving clock arm

Isn't That Genius!! Click the Picture to Enjoy

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Special thanks to: for this fun idea!


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