Welcome to my world! A  judgment-free zone where parents, guardians, and caretakers can receive support and information. Here, at Raising Little Geniuses, we plug you into resources to balance your family in all areas: emotional/physical/mental health for adults; physical/emotional intelligence for kids.

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My Story

Who am I? 

I am a  wife, veteran, and mother of three children ages 22 to 7. I am also a bio mom, stepmom, foster mom, homeschooling mom, and more! My purpose on this earth is to share my experience with other parents. I have spent the last ten years in school learning about children's brains and their development and habits. The information that I've learned is something every parent should know, especially minorities who are often overlooked regarding parenting advice or family therapy sessions for themselves or their children.

In the minority community, there is a lack of education concerning family balance and child development. And I want to shed light on it all. Every week, I will introduce you to helpful habits that will boost your children's minds, bodies, souls, and education. The information can also help in enhancing your legacy!


What makes me a Specialist?

My credentials for being an expert are in Early Childhood Management and Development; I am a Licensed Minister; I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Sociology. My degrees include a Master of Teaching/ Education degree and a Doctorate (currently) specializing in Developmental Psychology.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.